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Yes. We do not store any credit card details. Financial transactions run through secure payment gateways such as Paypal and Stripe.

In addition, our site is https and has a valid SSL security certificate issued by the Comodo Certificate Authority.

Ja, gehen Sie einfach zu Ihrem Zahlungsdienstleister (Paypal or Stripe) und kündigen Sie ihr Abonnement.
Wir bieten Rabatte für Großkunden. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, um hierzu weitere Informationen zu erhalten.

If you decide saVRee is not for you, you can cancel your subscription within seven days and we will refund your payment.

We suggest trying saVRee for one month to see if you find value with what we offer. You can also visit our partner site (3d-knowledge.com) to view some of the 3D models we have shared publicly (these models are provided for free).

Note that an annual package represents the best value as it is 20% cheaper than paying monthly.

It is possible to upgrade your plan at a later date if you wish to switch from a monthly to an annual plan.

Manchmal ist es nicht notwendig Modelle zu animieren, aber wir haben jedes Modell mit einer Arbeitsweisen-Animation oder Montage- bzw. Demontage-Animation ausgestattet. Wir rüsten die Modelle momentan auf, aber  dies ist zeitintensiv und es kann somit einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, bis wir mit allen Modellen aus unserer Database fertig sind. Kontaktieren Sie uns falls Sie dringend eine spezielle Animation für ein Modell benötigen und wir werden uns bemühen, die Arbeit an diesem Modell zu beschleunigen.
Dies passiert manchmal wenn Sie sich eine relativ lange Zeit mit dem Modell beschäftigt haben. Um den Zoom wieder zu beschleunigen, benutzen Sie die linke Maustast und doppelklicken Sie in die Mitte des Bildschirms, die normale Zoom Geschwindigkeit wird anschließend wieder hergestellt sein. Anmerkung: Wir arbeiten daran dieses Problem zu beheben.

Yes! Always fully interactive.

You can see an example below of a user interacting with an animated 3D model. Note that you can interact with models at any time, it does not matter if the model animation is playing or not.

This video shows an example of a user interacting with a 3D model.

Die Modelle sind animiert um zu zeigen, wie sie funktionieren (Arbeitsweisen-Animation) oder wie sie zusammen- und auseinandergebaut werden. Ein Beispiel für eine Arbeitsweisen-Animation können Sie hier sehen. Ein Beispiel für eine Animation der Demontage finden Sie hier.

Cross sections are used to gain a better perspective when viewing a model.

For machinery, the cross section shows the internal workings of the machine when all parts are assembled. For buildings, we use the cross section to remove the outer shell and make viewing of the interior easier.

An example of a cross section is shown below.


Unfortunately, not yet. The cross sectional view took a long time to develop and is applied to all new models as standard, but we are still going through the process of retrofitting all our older models. It is quite a large task to retrofit several hundred models but we are trying to do this as soon as possible.

We apologise if your model is not available with a cross sectional view, but we will try to correct this asap so please check your model periodically to see if it has been updated. If you need a cross sectional view desperately, let us know and we will try to expedite this particular model for you.

A scene is used when showing a process that is better visualised in its normal environment.

For example, we have used a scene to show how a barrage tidal power plant works because this gives the viewer a much better understanding of how it works. You can see a snapshot of the 3D model below.

It does! In order for the annotations to work correctly, you must explode the model first. If you do not explode the model, you will often find that clicking on an annotation takes you to a strange camera angle where you can not see much. This is because the camera points at where the annotation is when the model is in the exploded position.

Note: We are trying to fix this issue in order to make the whole interactive experience more intuitive, but coordinating annotations with a moving camera position is quite difficult. Until we fix the issue, please explode the model in order to use the annotation and quiz features.

Yes, providing the saVRee logo is shown when interacting with the 3D models. If you are using screen capture software such as Camtasia, just ensure the saVRee logo is in the top corner of the screen capture. It is not necessary to give any written accreditation or other form of accreditation.

Please note, the saVRee logo should be shown in such a way that it can be clearly seen.

Generally, no. Sometimes minor complications occur due to hardware or software. Updating your internet browser, or lowering your browser security settings, will usually fix most problems.

We will refund any purchased Plan that could not be used due to IT issues, but the refund application should be made within one week of your initial purchase. 

Standard VR glasses can cost as little as €5.99 (Google Cardboard on Amazon as of 03/09/2017) or thousands of euros. To help get you up and running quickly, we recommend purchasing glasses in the €20-€50 range.

Yes, providing the saVRee logo is shown somewhere on the screen captured video (the logo is usually fixed in the top left corner of the screen). It is not allowed to use saVRee 3D models within any videos or other media unless the saVRee logo is shown somewhere on the image or video etc. and is clearly visible.

Yes, providing the saVRee logo is shown somewhere on the screen captured image. Our marketplace has watermarked images that are ready to use, but you can also use a snipping tool and make your own images providing the saVRee logo is pinned to the image and is clearly visible. It is not necessary to give any written accreditation or other form of accreditation.

Only users with a Business account can add content, if you do not have a Business account, all content at saVRee.com is the property of saVRee.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

If you have a Business account and have paid for custom work to be added to your account (3D models, written content, animations, procedures, etc.), you own this custom content.

If you have uploaded your own content to the saVRee learning management system (LMS) (power point presentation, written content etc.), you retain ownership of this content.

Excluding the two above examples, saVRee owns all content. We distribute all our materials under fixed term licensing only, it cannot be purchased outright.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a feature available for Pro and Business users, if you have a Basic Plan, you will need to upgrade.

To load a model in VR:

1. Using your electronic device, load the desired saVRee 3D model URL.

2. Click on the ‘VR’ icon (located on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen).

3. Place your electronic device in the VR glasses holder.

4. Adjust the lenses if needed until you have a crisp/clear picture.

5. You should now see the 3D model in a VR environment.

Depending on your VR glasses, you might be able to ‘walk’ around the VR environment and inspect the model from any angle and position.

Note: Your electronic device must have an internet connection in order to access saVRee, but you can still view the model if you lose your connection, so long as you don’t refresh the webpage!

Kurse innerhalb von saVRee werden durch die Zusammenlegung von einzelnen Einheiten in eine spezielle Reihenfolge kreiert.
Einheiten bestehen aus Lehrtexten, Videos, 3D Modellen, Podcasts, Tests usw. Die einzelnen Einheiten werden zu Kursen kombiniert.
Nur Sie und Benutzer die Sie eingelanden haben können ihr hochgeladenes Material einsehen. Wenn Sie zum Beispiel 100 Lizenzen haben, haben Sie und die restlichen 99 Nutzer die Sie auf dieses Kundenkonto eingeladen haben, Zugriff auf Ihr Lernmaterial. Andere Benutzer haben ohne Einladung keinen Zugriff auf Ihr Konto und können somit keine kundenspezifischen Inhalte die sie hochgeladen haben, sehen. Dies stellt sicher, dass Ihr Lernmaterial Ihr Eigen bleibt und nicht für andere saVRee Benutzer zugänglich ist.

The number of features available depends upon if you have opted for the Basic, Pro or Business plan. Details of each plan can be found here. All plans include access to all 3D models, but some restrictions apply concerning the additional features such as annotations, videos and podcasts.

If you are using the models to teach or instruct, you will only need the Basic plan. If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of each model, it might make sense to upgrade your plan.

If you have any questions or doubts, please contact us!