About Us

We started saVRee in 2017 to produce top quality 3D models, animations, videos and presentations that could be used to bridge the gap between passive and active audience participation. We wanted to create one package that has everything. The effectiveness of an interactive 3D model, the convenience of a video, integration with PowerPoint, a quick turn-around and an overall low cost. 18 months later, we think we are doing a good job…and our clients agree!

Interactive 3D models have been available for years, but accessing them directly through a web browser without needing plugins or software is a totally new development. Whilst 3D modelling and animation requires great skill, a whole different skill-set is required to get the models and animations working reliably through a browser. We chose to focus our efforts in this area as we feel it is the future of the 3D model industry and it compliments our existing modelling, rendering and animation services.

With 3D and virtual reality (VR), there really are no limits on how much people can perceive visually and learn through interaction. Drop us a line on the Contact page if you would like to learn how we can help you with your 3D project.