Leverage Your saVRee Data

Are your courses optimised for the best possible learning and retention rates? saVRee user data helps prove student levels of understanding every step of the way.

Use your saVRee user data to find areas students are struggling to understand. Edit the active lesson or course to remove the learning bottleneck, then re-release, monitor and reiterate until you have one of the most refined and effective courses available.

Metrics include session duration, viewed 3D models, quiz scores, video watch time and many more. All data is packaged in CSV format, which you can open in Excel or import into a database. This allows you to monitor how well your learning programmes are working.

You can use saVRee learning materials direct through the website, through our website based LMS, or integrate them with your own LMS.

Make your course or syllabus the best it can be by leveraging your saVRee user data to make informed decisions.