Interactive 3D Presentations

Accessed through PowerPoint, or, direct through your web browser.

No plugin or software required!


Engaged Audience

Interactive 3D presentations are effective. Show your audience perfect real world visuals to increase their engagement.

Cost Effective

Re-use your 3D model for PowerPoint presentations, online presentations, marketing videos, marketing images and even as an interactive product configurator.


Give your presentation the 'wow' factor. Good presentations increase enquiries, generate leads and increase sales.

Interactive 3D Demos

It doesn’t matter if its a power station, aircraft carrier, or piston, we can help you present it clearly!

How It Works


Send us a message telling us about your presentation and how you would like to present it.


We create a 3D model for you, or, we use an existing model you provide.


You can embed the model in your presentation, embed it on your website, use it to create marketing images, marketing videos, or, host it on saVRee. 


We create interactive presentations for as little as €400. For online interactive presentations, you can setup the presentation yourself, or, we set it up for you on saVRee for €34.99/month (fully interactive through a web browser). 

Whatever your need, we can almost certainly help you make the right impression when the big day comes! Please get in touch using the below contact form if you would like to know more.

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