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With our courses you also get access to over 250 engineering related 3D models. All are fully interactive through your web browser and available to view in virtual reality (VR). 

And more...

One flat monthly fee gets you access to all saVRee produced courses. We never stop producing learning materials, so there is always something new to learn. 

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We offer Basic, Pro and Business Plans.
The Pro plan gives you access to all of saVRee.

Pay Annually

Access all of saVRee for €14.99/month

You will be billed once per calendar year. 


saVRee offers hundreds of interactive 3D models and we are continually expanding all of our learning media. So, there is always something new to learn! 

This plan is 20% cheaper than paying monthly. 

Pay Monthly

Access saVRee for €18.99/month.
Video courses not included.

You will be billed once per calendar month.


If you are still using saVRee in a few months, you can easily switch to an annual price plan to receive a 20% price discount.

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