3D Technical Sales

If they can't see it, you can't sell it.

Use interactive 3D models to show prospects exactly what you are offering.

Fully Interactive 3D Models

Present your product(s) from any perspective.


Show prospects how it works.


Assemble and disassemble your product.


Highlight unique features and benefits.

Cross Sectional Views

Reveal the interior workings.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Show prospects your product in VR.


Completely customise your offering.

  • 3D models fully interactive through a web browser.
  • Annotated/labelled models.
  • Animation showing operation or process.
  • Cross sectional view.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) enabled.
  • Add a Video.
  • Add a Podcast.
  • Add Presentation Text.
  • White label option.
  • Add your logo.
  • Add your company colours.
  • Combine saVRee models with yours to make entire systems.

How It Works


Send us a message telling us about your product and how you would like to present it to clients.


We upload your existing model to saVRee, or we create a model of your product for you. 


We make your interactive 3D model accessible direct through a web browser. Simply login and start presenting.

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