3D Animations

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We recently created a two stroke engine animation for National Geographic in the popular Car SOS TV series (season 6, episode 9). The series is broadcast in over 100 countries.


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Interactive 3D Animations

Video animations are great, but interactive animations give you the ability to view the animation from any perspective and interact with it. Click on the below image to load an interactive 3D animation.

Load Interactive 3D Animation

Video, Interactive, or Both?

3D animated videos can be made much more detailed and offer a greater visual appear- ance, but interactive 3D animations engage your audience much more. An interactive animation typically represents only an extra 20% of the overall cost of an animated video, so it is very cost effective to make your animation interactive and embed it on your website, Facebook, PowerPoint, or even view it using a Virtual Reality (VR) headset.


Some typical price indications are given below.