Learn about our 3D viewer’s features.

User Interface

The below image shows a typical example of the saVRee user interface. The interface can be opened using a standard web-browser.


Toolbar Icons

The Icons located at the top and bottom of the screen form the Toolbar .

Each Icon has a unique feature. You can toggle the feature by clicking upon the icon. Once you have clicked on the icon, it will change appearance to reflect the changes you made.

View in Virtual Reality

Allows you to view the model in Virtual Reality. Please note that you will need a set of VR glasses in order to use this feature (glasses can be purchased online for less than 20 USD/EUR at the time of writing). saVRee VR mode is compatible with all mainstream VR tech: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Microsoft Mixed Reality.

Play Podcast/Audio

Play’s a short audio recording. The information within the audio file relates to the 3D model being viewed. Usually the audio information explains how the model works or interesting facts associated with that particular model.

Seek to Point in the Animation

Seeks to x seconds in an animation. This feature allows you to seek to a particular point in time during an animation. For example, you may wish to seek to the fifth second in a 12 second animation because the fifth second offers the best view of a certain component during a certain process (e.g. a spark plug as it sparks during an engine combustion cycle).

Adjust Animation Speed

Regulates the animation speed. Use this feature to increase or decrease the speed of the animation.

Play/Pause Animation

Play’s or Pause’s the animation. Models are animated to show how they work, or, how they are assembled and disassembled. Note that you can pause the animation at any time to interrogate the model.


Cross Section

Reveals a Cross Section of the machine or component. Machinery items can be quite complicated and although animations are useful, it is sometimes better to have a cross sectional view in order to see how all components fit together; the Cross Section button allows you to do this without loading a new page or model. Example:

Explode/Assemble Model

Explodes or assembles the model being viewed. This feature allows you to by-pass an exploding or assembling animation if you do not wish to watch the assembly or disassembly. The Explode/Assemble button jumps to the animation point that shows the exploded and assembled view. An example is shown below:

Hide/Show Annotations

Hide or show model annotations. For animated models, you must explode the model before you can use the annotations correctly. The quiz will also not work correctly if you do not explode the model first.

Take Quiz

Starts or ends a basic quiz. This feature is very useful for learning the names of components. Questions relate to finding the correct item mentioned in the Quiz e.g. ‘Click on the Gasket’. The user must then looks for the gasket on the 3D model. Clicking on the numbered annotation reveals the name of the piece, if the user is correct, this will be indicated on the scoreboard located in the top-centre of the screen.

Watch Video

Play’s a video tutorial in a pop-up window. Multiple videos may be attached to a single model.