A new way of training personnel,

for a safer and more reliable plant.

Our 3D Training Program

At saVRee, we aim to simulate and automate your company’s training programmes. Here are the benefits:

Cost Effective

No costs for travel or external courses, you can conduct all training on site using an internet browser.


Train anywhere, any time.

Less Man-Hours

Less training needed from on-site personnel.


Staff train less hours overall as ‘simulating the real experience’ leads to higher retention rates.


Automated and structured training helps trainees gain the know-how and knowledge they need.


Train one staff member or thousands, simultaneously.

Utilise the most advanced learning mediums available to better train your personnel.

Training Services
Relevant To Your Needs


Enable employees to operate the plant safely and reliably.


Ensure company procedures are enacted correctly.


Give engineers the knowledge they need to maintain equipment effectively.


Support personnel as they expand their knowledge.

Leverage your saVRee user data to monitor and control your training program.

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