Desolventiser Toaster Drier Cooler (DTDC) Scene


In the oil seed industry, meal is separated from solvent using a desolventiser toaster, or, desolventiser toaster dryer cooler. Often the desolventiser toaster, dryer cooler, and desolventiser toaster dryer cooler, are abbreviated simply as ‘DT', ‘DC’ and ‘DTDC’ respectively. A DTDC is simply a DT and DC combined into one cylindrical column.

The DTDC consists of a long cylindrical shell with trays separating the various stages. The first trays are known as the predesolventizing trays. Below these trays are the counter-current trays, sparge tray and steam drying tray. Each tray has rotating agitators known as sweeps or arms. The agitators move the meal across the tray until it exits through a discharge port and onto the next tray. The agitator arms are fixed to a central shaft that is driven by a large electric motor via a single gearbox.

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical DTDC, these include:

  • Cylindrical Shell
  • Sweeps/Arms
  • Gearbox
  • Electric Motor
  • Predesolventising Trays
  • Counter-Current Trays
  • Steam Sparge Tray
  • Warehouse (Crush Seed Extraction Building)


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