Small stones and pieces of glass etc. represent high density foreign material that could be entrained in the process stream. If these foreign materials are the same size as the product itself, a standard multi-deck screener will not be able to separate them from the stream. In order to get around this problem, a destoner is used.

A gravity table is the usual choice for a destoner in the oil seed industry although different industries used different destoner types. The gravity table mechanically separates materials based upon their density, whilst a screener separates materials based upon their size and shape. It is often good practice to employ both a screener and destoner in series; this is normally the case in the edible oils industry.

3D Model Details

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical destoner, these include:

  • Electric Motor
  • Suction Port
  • Discharge Port
  • Casing
  • Screen
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