Vertical Break Disconnector

Vertical Break Disconnector

With vertical break disconnectors, the current path opens in the vertical direction, allowing smaller phase lateral distances. The two post insulators at either end support the live parts, hinge-end and jaw assemblies, and the blade. The opening and closing of the disconnector is accomplished by means of a smaller rotating insulator.

Vertical Break Disconnector Components

Sometimes, arcing horns are incorporated in the contact system. On opening, commutation of current takes place i.e. the small capacitive current, or bus-transfer current, is shifted to the arcing horns. The ensuing arc is then drawn between the fixed arcing horn and the corresponding moving arcing horn on the blade end. The use of arcing horns reduces wear on the contact system parts and thus prolongs their useful working life.

Vertical Break Disconnector Switch (Courtesy of HAPAM)

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