Effectiveness of Training With saVRee

In 1946, the renowned educator Edgar Dale developed the above triangle to show that people learn best when explaining, presenting or doing. This means that the best way to learn is through ‘doing the real thing’ or ‘on the job’ training. The second best is by ‘simulating the real experience’.

All saVRee’s training materials use 3D interactive models to simulate a real-world environment. 3D components are used to build 3D machines, which can then be combined to form industrial processes.

We’ve integrated different learning mediums to cater for the learning preference of each user. These include:

  • Interactive 3D Models
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Training Videos
  • Quiz/Test Features
  • Written Content
  • Podcasts

Note: We expect to deliver AR in 2018.

saVRee’s learning focus involves simulating the real world. However, its additional learning mediums are more flexible than traditional mediums such as books.

The quiz feature allows users to interact with the software and for their training supervisor to track their progress. Business license users can also request revisions or create additional saVRee content on demand. This ensures that the knowledge, ‘know how’ and experience gained within your organization is retained digitally for future use.

saVRee guarantees the most efficient training programme possible, so your personnel will reach a high level of proficiency quicker. They’ll be better trained in a consistent and methodical way. Plus, constant access to high quality courses will ensure they remain that way.

Well trained personnel are crucial for safe and reliable operations.

saVRee ensures personnel get the training they need.