Basket Strainer


This 3D model shows a basket strainer and all associated components.

Basket strainers are used for high flow and high capacity systems. They are easy to maintain, have a simple design and are relatively cheap. Basket strainers are not well suited for fine filtration.

The 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical basket strainer, these include the following components.

Eye Bolt / Lifting Eye
A chain lock or hoist can be connected to this lifting eye in order to open the sea strainer lid.

Eye Bolt Thread
Often tape thread (PTFE tape) will be applied in order to seal the thread against leakage when assembled.

Used to secure the strainer lid to the casing.

Plain Washer
A plain washer is used to prevent the edges of the bolt head from damaging the surface onto which it is tightened.

A washer also allows the pressure created by the tightening of the bolt to be distributed over a larger area than the bolt head itself. Strainer Lid The lid of the sea strainer. The lid is removed in order to gain access to the strainer for routine maintenance and cleaning.

A nut used to tighten onto the associated male thread (can be a bolt or stud etc.).

Strainer Handle
handle is required to allow easy purchasing on the sea strainer (by chain block or hand etc.) when being removed for maintenance and cleaning.

Strainer Entrance
The fluid medium enters through the open side of the strainer and is discharged through the opposite side.

Basket Strainer
The strainer basket construction may be of several materials depending upon the fluid medium’s properties (corrosive, erosive etc.). The filter gap size will also depend upon the fluid medium as some systems require much finer filtration than others.

Sealing Gasket
A gasket to prevent the fluid medium leaking between the strainer lid and strainer casing.

Strainer Casing Flange
A flange used to connect the strainer casing with the strainer lid.

Suction Inlet
The fluid medium enters here. The fluid medium will be drawn through the strainer due to the difference in pressure within the system.

Strainer Casing/Housing

Used to house the basket strainer.

Strainer Housing Support
The supports or ‘feet’ of the strainer provide a firm and stable base for the strainer housing; they prevent movement of the strainer casing and ensure little stress is placed upon the flange gaskets and associated piping.

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