Cast Resin Type Electrical Transformer

Cast resin transformers are often colloquially referred to as dry type transformers. Dry type transformers can be considered one of the three common types of transformer groups, with the other groups being the conservator and hermetic fluid insulated types.

Cast resin transformers are utilised for lower kVA and Voltage applications because they cannot dissipate heat quickly enough for higher kVA and higher Voltage ranges. They require little maintenance and have an expected operational time of approximately 20 years (depending upon model and manufacturer). In comparison to fluid insulated transformers, cast resin transformers are relatively cheap to purchase and cheaper to maintain.

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical cast resin type transformer, these include:

  • High Voltage Windings
  • Low Voltage Windings
  • Core
  • Steel Laminations
  • Frame

The below video is an extract from our Introduction to Electrical Transformers Online Video Course.