Steel Storage Tank


This model is a 3D representation of a steel tank typically used to store fluids. The tank is constructed of stainless steel, which makes it structurally strong whilst also being corrosion and erosion resistant.


Liquid enters through the top center hole of the tank. Two additional mounting flanges are located near the main inlet flange; these additional flanges allow the mounting of gauges and breathers. The typical gauges installed would be for measuring temperature and the level in the tank.

Breathers allow ambient air to be drawn into the tank when the tank is being discharged, and tank air to be vented to atmosphere when the tank is being filled. It is important to maintain the breathers because otherwise an over-pressurisation situation, or vacuum situation, could accumulate within the tank during filling or discharge.

Liquid is discharged through the base of the tank. Discharge from the tank is normally controlled using pneumatic or electronic control valves. It is possible to use manually operated valves, but this is impractical for many large automated plants with complex production processes.

Design Features

The grated walk-way gives personnel access to the top of the tank for inspection and maintenance works. The grated walk-way allows fluids to drain away, spreads the weight of personnel over a larger area, and gives a certain level of grip under-foot. Walking on a bare tank surface should be avoided as this can represent a slip hazard, particularly if the tank surface is wet or oily.

A ladder provides access to the top of the tank. Access ladders should only be used by personnel with the correct training and certification. If possible, the base of the ladder should be located in a controlled area to prevent un-authorised use.

The inside of the tank is shaped to allow easy draining of the liquid. The circular shape of the tank ensures the weight of the liquid is distributed evenly throughout the tank structure.

The base of the tank supports the weight of the tank and it is often bolted down to a concrete foundation to prevent any movement. Movement of the tank will likely create stresses upon the pipes connecting to the tank; this should be avoided as the additional stresses could cause a pipe rupture.

3D Model Details

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical steel storage tank, these include:

  • Sensor Mount
  • Inlet Port
  • Walking Grate
  • Access Ladder
  • Discharge Port
  • Steel Support Structure
  • Base
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