5 Reasons to Add 3D Product Configuration to Your eCommerce Store

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There has never been a better time to move your business into the online world. Ecommerce has enjoyed a huge increase in relevancy in the sales world since the pandemic and more and more retailers are moving to an online business model to catch this new wave of sales success.

Ecommerce has enjoyed 10 years’ growth in the past three months, and there is no sign that there will be a slowdown on the horizon for these kinds of sales. As a result of this explosion of popularity, eCommerce spaces and market niches have become highly competitive. It is becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd.

This is where leveraging technology can make all the difference for your eCommerce business. If you are able to offer a superior online experience to your customers, you will be able to get their business far more readily.

What is 3D Product Configuration?

3D product configuration is done via a cloud based application that customizes your product pages in your online store. This cloud based solution allows you to create a 3D display of your products that can be manipulated viewed from any angle. 

This is an amazing advancement in eCommerce product representation because it allows customers to see the item they are buying from any angle.  The user experience is far more interactive in nature than a flat picture, and you are usually able to add features that alter the color and the styling of the product with the click of a mouse.

This means that your customers can view the item they are considering buying from all angles and look at all the styles and configurations that are offered. The configuration option allows a hands-on buying experience that you will not be able to offer consumers through flat and lifeless product images.

Online vendors who do not leverage new technologies like 3D product configurators will soon be left behind, as more and more vendors choose to offer this option for producing a more convincing and authoritative product display.

5 Reasons to Add 3D Product Configuration to Your eCommerce Store

The benefits of this kind of product modeling are readily apparent, but it might still seem like this is overkill if you are selling simple items. However, 3D modeling is relevant in even smaller stores where items are not large or you are not selling clothing that might have multiple variations. There are a variety of reasons why this model of representation has relevance to your eCommerce store.

1.       Customer Satisfaction

Think about how people shop when they are in a brick-and-mortar store. They pick things up, touch them, sometimes even try them on. This experience allows them to feel a greater connection with the product and convinces them of its quality and value to them as a buyer.

This is what you will be able to offer in a different form through 3D product configuration. Customers will feel connected to your products and they will get the same sense of the relevance of the item to their unique needs.

This is particularly helpful if you are selling clothing items or household items that might come in various colors and styles. People will be weary of purchasing these items based on a small little color suggestion square at the bottom of the page. However, if they can see a rendering of the item in the color they are considering, they will be much more confident that they like the style of the product and that it is a fit for their needs.

2.       Shorter Sales Cycle

Better-informed customers are more likely to buy right away than customers who are left with doubts about the item they are looking at. Custom product configurations that show product variants, along with utilizing the option to display the item in a room, or on a manikin , can make a big difference in the commitment that drives a sale.

In some ways, being able to use 3D product configuration can actually offer a buying experience that is better than when customers shop in real life. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a model show them all of the color variations of a product without having to try them all on yourself?

The kinds of benefits relating to 3D modeling make it obvious concerning how much easier it is for customers to feel certain of the product they are buying. Being able to actually make decisions based on complete information is a much more comfortable buying experience for all consumers.

3.       Decreased Return Rates

This is the bane of the eCommerce business owner. Especially if you do not use a fulfillment service, returns are a big hassle that takes up your time and energy while also costing you money. This is a great benefit of 3D product configuration software that benefits you as much as the buyer.

Being able to see what the actual product looks like and consider it from all angles is an important factor in buyer expectations. They will be much more certain of what they are purchasing and they will be far less likely to send an item back when they realize that it is just not what they thought it would be when they were looking at it in a flat picture.

Ecommerce brands that use 3D product configuration are reporting perfect order performance, or close to it. This is not common at all when you are dealing with regular images on a website; your bottom line will benefit from this major improvement in sales success.

4.       Tracking Customer Behavior

At the end of the day, customer behavior has a lot to do with how you market, sell, and even develop products and services. You need to know what your target audience wants and needs and you need to be authoritative on the subject if you want to have a corner on the market.

This is another area where 3D product configuration software can be a big help to your business. These tools can help you to see difficult pain points for customer experience in your store, and you might also see issues with your own items that you had not considered when you put them up for sale after looking at samples.

Buyer statistics are collected by your site daily, and you will be able to see which models are driving sales up and which ones are not as successful. This might mean that you will need to modify or improve that unique product, or it might also allow you to consider that there are issues with the display of that particular item that needs to be addressed to increase sales.

5.       Customer Loyalty

Consumer loyalty can be hard to obtain and keep in the eCommerce industry. There are many competitors out there clamoring for buyer’s attention and you might be worried that you will get lost in the crowd. This can be a major concern for eCommerce stores that are not using the right technology to leverage an improved shopping experience.

This is where 3D product configuration can step in to help you out! People will be more loyal to a brand that offers them the chance to see all of its products in 3D, which ultimately takes the guesswork out of purchases. You will be much more likely to see return buyers who buy from you again and again if you are using the right technology to make purchases easy for them.

Buyer loyalty and brand loyalty are key factors in creating lasting success for your eCommerce business. You will enjoy word of mouth referrals from this kind of attention to detail as well. Using technology to keep buyer attention and loyalty will make all the difference in your bottom line and your ability to scale your business over time.

3D Product Configuration is the Future

At the end of the day, there is no future where 3D modeling is not going to become the norm. While it might seem like a burden to have to configure and utilize this technology in your store right now, you will regret not adopting this technology now before it becomes expected by all of your customers.

Lagging behind technology trends is one of the worst mistakes that you can make in the eCommerce world, and you will want to be certain to jump on board this trend while your use of it can set you apart from the crowd. 3D product configuration is here to stay, and those who adopt it early will benefit in big ways.

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