Enhance Your Sales Team With a 3D Viewer Tool

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Once upon a time, when you had a great product to sell or promote, you would generate a PowerPoint presentation or a brochure to highlight and explain the benefits and design of your new product idea. These ways of communicating about the nature of a product were cutting-edge in their respective days, but have lost some of their efficacy over the years.

Technology has advanced in exciting ways, and you are now able to access the power of 3D viewers to help you demonstrate the function and the benefits of any product. Gone are the days of flat representations and dry discussions about product value and function. You have a world of opportunity at your fingertips when you use a 3D viewer to demonstrate the worth of your product.

If you have not been using a 3D viewer to explain and prove the value of your products, you have been missing out on a valuable tool that will make the sales process more efficient and descriptive.

What is a 3D Viewer?  

A 3D viewer uses a quality set of images to demonstrate the look, feel, and functions of a product. It creates a 3D representation of the product that can be viewed from all angles, flipped from back to front, and rotated 360 degrees. It can also show all of the different materials and designs for each product with ease.

You can zoom in or out on the item and you can change custom features like color, texture, and other styling. A 3D viewer can also generate a full representation of a building, a theme park, or any other working model that you would normally have to make out of foam or other materials to show the relation of all of the parts of the locale to one another.

Perhaps best of all, for complex products that offer build specifications and other unique requirements, you can use a 3D viewer to allow potential buyers or investors to see how the build process affects the final product that they are designing. This is useful for the sales process of complex machines, cars, and other kinds of products that require a high level of customization.

Ways That a 3D Viewer Can Be Used as a Sales Tool  

1.       Enhanced Graphics and Representations  

If you are still partial to your PowerPoint presentations, there is nothing wrong with that. You do not have to rely on their 2D representations to explain your product, however. The slides of information and features that you are used to using for your sales presentations can now be enhanced by the inclusion of 3D viewer demonstrations.

You can embed these 3D modeling examples in the PowerPoint itself, allowing them to launch and run to demonstrate functionality, appearance, and features of your product from every angle as needed. You can also deliver the 3D viewer representation of your product to your potential clients in a meeting through a link to a landing page.

This is a common method of backing up a traditional 2D sales presentation that allows your investors or potential clients to look at options, features, and designs in 3D while you explain the virtues of your product to them. You can provide tablets to your meeting attendees, or offer them a link that they can look up on their phone. The almost tactile experience of interacting with a 3D viewer which displays all of the necessary information about the appearance and function of the product can be an enormous benefit to your presentation as a whole.

Here's an example of how 3D can be used to enhance your PowerPoint presentations:

2.       Improved Spec Sheets  

Everyone has interacted with a dry, dull, 2D spec sheet. The information is there on the sheet, but it doesn’t come to life as you read it. Worst of all, if you are not totally familiar with the product or if you have never seen anything like it in the real world, the spec sheet will not mean much to you. These used to be one of the primary ways of communicating value, especially in the world of machinery and vehicle sales, but they are not a suitable method of communication these days.

You will likely still need to provide some form of a spec sheet for your products, but you need to back up this spec sheet with a 3D configured view of all of the parts and features that are included in your product. This is easily done through the use of a 3D viewer on your sales pages, or through a landing page link. The spec sheet might be present on this webpage, but the 3D configurator will show how the item works, functions, and looks.

Being able to see the actual items that are discussed in the spec sheet and view them from every angle can make all the difference between a spec sheet that communicates dry facts and one that shows every feature of the product to your potential customer or investor.

3.       Product Brochure Improvements  

The days of a paper brochure that you passed out to customers or possible investors are well and truly passed. You have to offer the same informative benefits through the use of landing pages and website design these days. While you might have figured out the best means to get your product specs and information online, you are probably struggling with ways to make the 2D images in your online brochure feel tangible and truly informative.

This is another area where 3D viewer tools can be a huge help to your business. You can generate 3D viewer images and graphics about any part of your design and your product and scatter them through your online brochure. Imagine having an online brochure that showed the function and the shape and customization of each of the parts of your product or of each version of the product that you sell.

Your clients and your possible investors will feel much more connected to the brochure and what it can offer them when the 2D images contained within it are replaced with 3D models that can be viewed in 360 degrees as well as changed and altered for personal customization choices.

Benefits of 3D Viewer Tools  

There are a whole host of benefits related to using a 3D viewer to showcase and explain your products. You might use this tool if you run an eCommerce store, but it is most frequently used for products that require intensive sales support and outreach to communicate the value of the product and to secure sales and investment in it.

·         Shortens design cycles

·         Streamlines manufacturing

·         Accelerates product rollout and introductions

·         Increases sales

·         Improves quoting and customization processes

·         Improves the flow of product design

·         Creates faster time-to-market

·         Creates renderings and animations for all kinds of purposes

·         Can be used to test design and function of products

·         Communicates effectively the features and benefits of products

3D viewer tools are one of the best ways to assist your sales team in quoting, customizing, and finalizing sales. Selling to customers who cannot come to your physical location and view a product and all of its many variants and styles can be very hard when you are working with a 2D representation all by itself.

3D viewer tools allow you to create renderings that are present in real-time and that take up physical space inside the tool. Your customers can see their product from every angle and can verify that it functions as they expect that it will. All of this before they even commit to buying the item and having it shipped to them!

This is the superiority of sales experience that can be offered by 3D viewer technology. Without this advanced means of demonstrating the benefits of your products, your sales team will have to work that much harder to show the intrinsic value of your products to convince consumers or investors to take a risk on buying your product or supporting your company.

Improving Sales Processes and Increasing Overall Sales Performance is Easy with a 3D Viewer  

There is no better tool to use to create the right kind of buyer experience to generate online sales than a 3D viewer. Best of all, you do not have to throw out your tried-and-true power points and brochures if you do not want to. Including 3D viewer technology in your traditional sales methods can improve and elevate your sales processes for significantly improved results.

If you have been wondering how you can increase your sales and shorten your sales cycle, a 3D viewer can do all of that and more! Investing in a 3D viewer will improve your sales team’s ability to make easy sales and it will save you money in the long run over generating outreach based on tired and outmoded methods of outreach.

Investing in a 3D viewer will increase your company revenue and improve your sales processes overnight. Don’t lag behind your competition and drag your feet to invest in this necessary technological benefit as soon as possible.

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