Interactive Marketing with 3D Viewers Online

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3D marketing is most commonly experienced by users of sales experiences that are offered through eCommerce brands online. This can be 360-degree views of clothes and home goods or other fully realized representations of items that are for sale. 3D viewers can show any kind of product or scene, from every angle, and can even show products to consumers one layer at a time.

This is a great new technology to provide consumers with the closest thing to hands-on buying experience in lieu of being able to touch and see the item in person at the time that it is purchased. For those who are looking to optimize their online content to increase sales and improve buyer experience, there are many ways to leverage 3D Viewers and 3D models. There is no market space where this is more relevant than technical and manufacturing-based sales.

If you want to know more about how interactive marketing using 3D viewers can improve your business model and increase your sales, read on!

Interactive Marketing 

Marketing technical products in an interactive way is about more than just showing users or potential clients the features of an item. You need to be able to show the intrinsic value of the products that you are selling, and you need to be able to demonstrate the functionality of the item along with the external appearance of it.

This is one of the most effective spaces for 3D modeling and 3D viewers. Businesses can generate effective and multi-layered representations of their products that allow potential clients and investors to look under the hood through virtual means. In a reality where you may not be able to travel to see something that you are going to buy or invest in, being able to actually see how the item functions and how it is made, can be the difference between investing in that item or passing it up.

3D Viewers and 3D modeling allow you to demonstrate the functionality of theme parks, cruise ships, and other locations that can be hard to imagine when you are just looking at blueprints or flat images of the location or product. Online sales are trending in the direction of trying to create an in-person sales experience available to customers and potential investors in new technologies.

Interactive Features of 3D Viewers  

A quality 3D interactive viewer will allow your customers to experience the item on many different levels. Any 3D viewer will offer you the chance to provide a basic 360-degree view of the item in question, but you should also consider using the 3D viewer to showa more complex configuration, perhaps showing internal parts and/or moving parts.

There are going to be integrated technologies that you will want to be sure your 3D viewer can offer if you want to be able to show different layers of the item, as well as altering colors and features of the item.

Some of the features of 3D viewers are as follows:

·         360-degree viewing: As mentioned above, all 3D viewers will allow your customers to rotate the item in all directions, seeing it from all angles. This can be valuable if you are looking at any item that is for sale, with added benefit if you are selling custom items or products that are complex in nature. If you think about it, in the real world, most people will pick up an item that they are interested in buying and look at it from all angles prior to purchasing it. This is the experience that you are delivering with 360-degree viewing.

·         See the Product in Another Setting: For sales of home goods or other items that will need to match décor, businesses can leverage a 3D viewer to demonstrate the way an item will look in someone’s home or business through the help of mobile augmented reality (AR)technology. This is particularly helpful with home goods sales, but it can also be utilized for demonstrating larger objects placed into commercial settings.

·         Zoom Feature: This can be very helpful with large items that you are selling. You can add 4K technology to your 3D viewer to make sure that people can zoom in and out to see all of the relevant details of the item that they are buying.

·         Change Colors, Styles, and Features: This can be a big help with any kind of product from purses and shoes to cars or even machinery. Being able to see the item that you are buying with all of the relevant features in place can be helpful if you are trying to make an informed decision. This kind of use of 3D interactive marketing is common with cars and machinery sales, where you need to be able to build the item from the ground up as well as seeing the moving parts and pieces in action. Generally, being able to configure products online makes a 3D product configurator ideal for any eCommerce application.

·         Initiate Movement and Actions: This can be a huge motivator for sales when you use 3D interactive marketing for your products. For technical items or location marketing, it allows your consumers to click on the item and make them move or function right before their eyes. Being able to then turn the item 360-degrees allows you to experience the animated feature from all angles while it is functioning.

Many 3D viewers will offer all of these benefits, but you might only need to leverage a few of the more simple offerings for items that are not complex in nature.

How Does Interactive Marketing with Online 3D Viewers Benefit Your Company?  

There are many ways that interactive marketing using 3D viewers can benefit your company.

·         Increased Sales: This kind of interactive experience can increase your sales because your consumers will feel as if they have seen and touched the item in person before they buy it. This is a great help for consumer confidence as well as consumer loyalty and excitement over your brand.

·         Increased Brand Awareness and Hype: 3D viewers can help you create hype about new products by showing an interactive sneak peek to potential customers or existing customers. There is nothing quite like being given an interactive 3D experience with a new product or item to convince you that you want to keep an eye on both the brand and the item itself. This is especially true if the item can be viewed in virtual reality (VR). Hype can go a long way toward carving out a place for your company within your niche and your brand will be improved by offering high-tech interactive experiences to your consumers.

·         Creating a Memorable First Impression: There is nothing quite like actually being able to see and touch an item. You might have been shown images of a mountain, but seeing it in the real world will always make a bigger impression. The same is true of items that you market using interactive 3d viewer technology. These items will stand out in people’s minds with more clarity, and leave a stronger impression, than flat 2D images ever could.

·         Increased Customer Satisfaction: Returns are a hassle and they can also affect your brand’s reputation. Many returns are the result of incorrect impressions that buyers received about an item from images that were not clear, or worse, were misleading! This can be avoided with ease when you use a 3D viewer to sell your products. Customers will be able to see the items in question from all angles as well as interact with them before they buy them.

·         Improved Marketing: You will find that it is much easier to market items through interactive marketing with 3D viewers because the technologically advanced experience transmits confidence as well as attracts the eye. People are usually drawn to the ability to change and articulate the item as they look at its description, and you will benefit from this increased consumer confidence with increased sales and reduced advertising costs.

Interactive Marketing with Online 3D Viewers Can Benefit all Kinds of Businesses  

No matter what kind of product you are selling, your business can benefit from offering interactive marketing using 3D viewers. It will take a little bit of time to get your 3D viewer set up in the beginning, but once you have access to this unique and powerful technology, you will never go back to offering up flat and boring product images to your customers.

3D viewers and 3D modeling are the way of the future; jumping on board this intriguing and growing trend is a great way to get a leap on your competition and launch your brand to the forefront of your market space.

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