Hermetic Liquid Immersed Electrical Transformer

A transformer is an electrical machine that transfers electrical energy between circuits through electromagnetic induction. Dry, Hermetic and conservator type transformers are the main three designs of transformer currently employed in the transformer market.

Typically, large installations with a high kVA and Voltage rating will employ a conservator type liquid immersed transformer. Smaller installations will employ either dry or hermetic type transformers. Liquid immersed transformers predominantly utilise mineral oil as the fluid insulating medium although silicone and several organic (plant oil) alternatives are available.

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical hermetically sealed liquid immersed transformer, these include:

  • LV Bushing
  • HV Bushing
  • Tank
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Core
  • LV Windings
  • HV Windings
  • Protection Devices

The below video is an extract from our Introduction to Electrical Transformers Online Video Course.