Boiler Safety Relief Valve (SRV)

A 3D representation of a safety relief valve (SRV) used on a typical steam distribution system.

Boilers produce steam and maintain that steam at a constant pressure, if however the steam pressure should increase, the boilers SRV will open in order to relieve the system pressure and avoid a potential explosion.

For larger boilers, two valves are fitted per boiler and operational testing is required every six to 12 months. Many countries have very strict boiler regulations due to past boiler catastrophic failures and associated loss of life.

This 3D model shows all major components associated with a typical SRV, these include:

  • Cap
  • Compression Screw
  • Compression Nut
  • Bonnet
  • Top Spring Step
  • Handle
  • Spring
  • Bottom Spring Step
  • Guide
  • Body/Casing
  • Stem
  • Disc
  • Disc Holder
  • Lower Adjusting Ring
  • Nozzle


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