Aspirators are used for particle separation, they employed extensively in the oil seed industry where it is necessary to separate lighter shells (husks) from the main product (meats).


Incoming stock and fines are stored in a hopper directly above the aspirator. The stock and fines enter the aspirator and are evenly spread across the entire width. Spreading evenly ensures equal separation throughout the aspirator. A manual feed regulator is used to evenly spread the stock.

The aspirator classifies the stock and fines based upon the velocity of their parts. Objects with a higher velocity will travel further down the aspirator than those with a lower velocity. A fan is used to induce air into the aspirator through air ports. Air travels through the aspirator removing the particles with a lower velocity, whilst the higher velocity particles continue down through the aspirator. The cleaned stock is discharged through the base and continues through the main production process. The separated fines are removed from the air stream using a cyclone; the fines can then be collected in a storage area and sold as meal.

Design and Features

It is important to realise that the size and shape of the stock entering the aspirator determines how easily the fines are separated from the stock. For example, dense circular shaped stock is more likely to pass through the aspirator than light pancake shaped stock. It is therefore normally a requirement to sift the stock prior to it entering the aspirator; a multi-deck screener is used for this purpose.

Transparent side panels are used to view the flow of the stock through the aspirator. Any blockage causing uneven feed through the aspirator can be seen and should be removed as soon as possible.

Removable front inspection panels allow for easy access to the interior of the aspirator for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

3D Model Details

This 3D model shows all major components associated with typical multi-aspirator, these include:

  • Manual Feed Regulator
  • Inspection Panels
  • Hopper
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